Engagement is NOT Enough

Engagement is NOT Enough

More than two-thirds of your workers are checked out, switched off and not paying attention…how do you feel about that?

The groupthink in the world of business at the beginning of the 21st century was to create fully engaged employees. Keith Ayers argues Engagement is NOT Enough. Ayers suggests leaders must bring their workforce to an even higher level. Business leaders around the world have tried to demand, request, and even buy engagement—through bonuses, benefits, and share options. Ayers presents a compelling argument that not only will these methods fail, but the goal itself is misguided.

Ayers points to the first place for leaders to look when seeking a solution—the mirror. Business leaders need to ask themselves: How can I change my behaviour to get the most from my employees? Ayers lays down this challenge to you and argues that by adjusting your own behavior, and tuning in to the core needs and values of your employees, you can empower each individual in your organization, and unleash their unique skills and talents.

Engagement is Not Enough provides business leaders with the tools they need to light a fire within the hearts and minds of their workforce and create a culture of continual improvement. Keith Ayers places passion above profit on the Passion Pyramid—his step-by-step outline of the five basic needs every employee has:

The need for respect. Everyone needs respect but they want it in different ways.

The need to learn and grow. When people feel respected, they want to increase their contribution to the organization's success.

The need to be an "insider". Beyond being respected is the knowledge that you are truly valued.

The need to do meaningful work. People need to know that what they do matters to someone else—it is important.

The need to be on a winning team. Nothing ignites passion in employees like the team spirit generated by the success of a high performance team.

Performance Partners in Ireland works as an associate with Keith Ayer’s Integro Leadership and provides validated surveys to allow organisations to measure TRUST, employee passion, leadership flexibility and Team Alignment, so they can bring their performance and engagement levels up.

Engagement is Not Enough, Keith Ayers Book, which is available in Ireland from Performance Partners, shows you how to create an organization of passionate workers aligned in pursuit of a common purpose. Ayers shows business leaders that they must establish a responsibility-based culture built on trust and values. His approach enables them to establish a team of self-directed workers who are committed to being their best and who are focused on delivering real value to their customers. When the leader creates a work environment where everyone wants to excel, the team will deliver customer satisfaction that the competition cannot match.

Passionate employees understand the meaningfulness of what they do and how their role contributes to the purpose of the organization. The leadership team must provide ongoing mentoring and coaching to capitalize on the talent of each worker so that they are delivering the value promise to the customers. Passionate customers will rave about their experience with the purpose-driven organization—and when that happens profitability takes care of itself.

You have the potential to ignite the fire of passion!

For Keith Ayer’s Book “Engagement Is Not Enough” or to enquire about the TRUST surveys, visit https://www.performancepartners.ie/trust-inside-assessments/




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