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The 'Building Trust Inside' team and company wide surveys, facilitated by Peter O'Connor, deliver a rich and vivid snapshot of individual and group performance and expectations across a range of critical business areas.

The survey results, when facilitated with powerful tailored feedback, empower leaders and employees with a new understanding and crucial insights of their work environment and key actions to take for improvement.

In stage II, the (optional) range of development models provide strategies for bringing performance up to optimum levels and in building more trust in the teams and between leaders and their people around performance and departmental & team functioning.

These approaches and this process also can have substantial impact (if required) on bringing about a "Customer Focussed Culture" in your organisation, as we will help you in changing your service culture.

Review the course "Building Trust Inside Your Organisation"

An ideal starting point for new clients can be either our flagship alternative to the traditional employee engagement survey: the Employee Passion Survey or the Team Alignment process and survey. The real power is in the de-briefing sessions and workshops, where we get your people to work on the key feedback and issues highlighted from the 3 surveys.

1. Employee Passion Survey:

2. Team Alignment Survey:

3. Flexibility & Trust Survey:

4. The Five Behaviors Profile:

Employee Passion Website offers more information and special offers for no-cost trials of the suveys.


Customer Focussed Culture:

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