What is Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® is the worlds leading behavioural tool used by over 50 million people worldwide in over 100,000 organisations.

Everything DiSC® provides non-judgemental, immediately applicable personal development insights.

Benefits include increased energy and engagement, a reduction in conflict, and improvements in individual, team and organisational performances.

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How Can DiSC Help Your Organisation?

The DiSC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and how to adapt their behaviours with others,  for example, within a work team,  in a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other types of relationships.

This increased understanding results in increased energy and engagement, reduced conflict, time savings and improved performance within an organisation.

The DiSC model helps individuals to understand that different people have different needs, priorities and communication styles and shows them how to adapt.

How Does DiSC Work?

DiSC  is a simple and memorable acronym for the four primary styles of behaviour seen in the DiSC Circumplex:

  • Dominance (D)
  • Influence (i)
  • Steadiness (S)
  • Conscientiousness (C)

Everything DiSC® includes over six different personality reports tailored to specific applications including manager, leader and sales person.

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Recognising Needs Using DiSC

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The DiSC® Profile

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile is a personalised twenty page report that provides invaluable insights for recipients, including:

  • A clear understanding of the priorities that drive their behaviour.
  • Their natural approach to work and relationships.
  • Their challenges when interacting with others.
  • Actionable strategies to strengthen interpersonal interactions.

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Understanding differences between individuals, leaders, managers, direct reports, sales person to buyer and among team members are extremely valuable.

Once you assess these differences and realise the value to ‘flex’ your style, you’ll have better workplace communications AND healthier teams & organisations.

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Why Everything DiSC® ?

Our online Everything DiSC® assessments and profiles and MyEverthingDiSC® online tools use the most advanced assessment method (including adaptive testing) and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyse a person’s responses and provide the most personalised DiSC® feedback possible. And they only take 15-minutes to complete.

It is likely that other tests using the name DiSC® have not been researched and validated to the depth of Wiley’s DiSC® products. All other DISC assessment providers use a variation of a simple 24-item, forced-choice questionnaire which was first developed by John Cleaver in the 1950’s.

Performance Partners are Ireland’s leading Wiley facilitators and have vast experience delivering Diamond Award Winning DiSC courses throughout Ireland.

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