About Performance Partners

Performance Partners is a consulting firm who use the best HR tools in partnership with Wiley Publishing.

Trainer Development (DiSC & The Five Behaviours). We provide train the trainer (open public and in-house) OR online Wiley certification with Everything DiSC & The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team.

Facilitation & consultancy. We also provide consultancy and facilitation where work with leaders and with business teams in the following areas.

  • Building High Performance & Cohesive Business Teams.
  • Developing Leaders & Managers.
  • Employee Engagement & Passion.
  • Talent development
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Trust, & Alignment Inside Organisations.

How We Work

We apply a variety of grounded approaches, valid methods and tailored facilitation, to help you maximise the contribution of all staff, to build high-performance cohesive team. Every intervention will have a recognisable impact on the organisation through agreed actions with the staff and an identifiable return on investment, where possible.

Clients see us as specialising in leadership and performance management, impacting change through people, cohesive team development, communications, relationships & trust, alignment, engagement. Clients include multinational, corporate sector, medium-sized businesses and the not-for-profit organisations.

Meet Our People

Peter O’Connor

Principal Consultant & M.D.

Peter O Connor Performance PartnersPeter O’Connor has occupied positions at director level since the 90’s.

As consultant, facilitator & coach, has helped businesses & Teams across 3 decades. He facilitates learning with a purpose and transfer, from strategic to team development initiatives, he is always client focused, tailoring for each environment. Virtual delivery is also now used with new technologies to support sustained learning.

The focus is on always on outcomes, results, applying learning, impact, process change, behavioural change, talent development, performance, building trust and retention.

Peter and Performance Partners have worked in Ireland, the UK and internationally and are strategically partnered with long-standing organisations including Wiley publishing, and also Integro leadership. This enables us to bring our focus on using the world’s best HR tools such as Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team in fact-based approaches to our work, delivering on client needs and expectations.

We help specifically learning, hr and talent professional to see change. We have worked in all business functions and across organisation types. Driven by values, Performance partners is a highly result oriented and relationship driven company.

We know business, but you know your business. We deliver people development & learning, with a clear business purpose. We want to make you, your team and business the centre of how we engage with you. The tools enable deeper more impactful conversations, bring clarity and foster alignment of people.

Mark Egan

About Performance Partners 1

Mark is a director of Performance Partners. He is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur and business manager. Having worked as CEO and Director in Information Technology company, SureSkills and Media related businesses, Mark has co-found a number of technology, learning and services related businesses. Having substantial real world experiences under his belt working with very successful and very challenging companies;

Mark took time out in 2005 to complete an MBA at UCD’s Smurfit Business School. More recently, Mark has been working with numerous companies on a wide range of issues from start-up to large scale fundraising and exporting to the US Federal market. Interestingly, in 2010 Mark mentored over 60 unemployed people- helping the start their own business.

Wendyrose SmithAbout Performance Partners 2

Wendyrose has had over 20 years work experience in administration and 10 in marketing and graphic design. She is also passionately interested in behavioural science, and in looking at how we engage in work relationships. Having joined Performance Partners in 2017 with her expertise lie in digital marketing and social
media, she has recently joined as support DiSC facilitator. She successfully completed her Wiley Trainer Certification in Everything DiSC and is looking forward to being involved in the PerformancePartners facilitation team. She is particularly interested in tailored outside the box activities for workshops and creating an
optimal work based culture to improve productivity and workplace relationships.

Ruth Toomey

About Performance Partners 3

Ruth is an associate with significant experience facilitating with and coaching using DiSC. She has worked extensively in the Pharmacuetical sector. In 1997, she worked in the United Drug operation PLC in 1999. Held several senior positions in Ashfield Healthcare Ltd., the Contract Services division of United Drug. These included two years as Recruitment Manager, three years as Business Development Director and three years as General Manager. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) in 1993, from Waterford Institute of Technology.

Having worked as a Recruitment Consultant for three years with Kate Cowhig International Recruitment, travelling extensively to recruit Nurses for the U.K.’s National Health Service. In 2009, graduated from the Irish Management Institute with a Diploma in Executive Coaching. She has worked with senior executives from industries such as the Motor Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Banking & Finance and Sports Industry. Her Specialties: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, DisC< EQ & Business Mentoring

Performance partners is a highly result oriented and relationship driven company. We know business, but you know your business. We deliver learning and development with a business purpose.

Vincent Reynolds

About Performance Partners 4

Vincent Reynolds. Vincent is an experienced senior manager with a background in consulting, corporate training and development, change management, finance and human resources. He is a DiSC(r) facilitator also. Vincent started his career in general accounting practice before moving to a series of management and senior management roles with multinational companies.

He is a Chartered Certified Accountant, a former chairman of the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers and a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development. Vincent is also an accredited facilitator under the Irish Government’s Skillnets programme. Vincent was also responsible for setting up and running a $220m customer financing operation for Tellabs Inc., a U.S. multinational company. This role involved creating an internal bank and the negotiation of finance packages for significant Tellabs customers throughout the world. Throughout his career, Vincent has been involved in change management, business process reengineering, leadership coaching and training. He now acts as a business consultant and trainer helping companies to improve their profitability and effectiveness.

He also specialises in facilitating teams to overcome barriers and difficulties in times of growth and change.

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