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Performance Partners CircleAbout Performance Partners.

Performance Partners are focused on helping clients to build high performance cohesive teams, delivering and facilitating learning, always with a business purpose for you. Clients gain a clear RoadMap for achieving team, business and change goals. This is a collaborative map that may involve you with us engaging in co-creating new agreed approaches to build your business team, team content, development, delivery, technology or other actions to support your business team's performance & to sustain agreed learning & development strategies.

Our core areas include:

  • Diagnosis & business team results focus
  • Bespoke design of all cohesive team development actions
  • People at the heart of things. Developing employee passion & engagement in your teams
  • Building team alignment, with clarity & focus for leaders and all employees
  • Building leadership capacity to ensure you are happy with the executive focus in developing team performance
  • Encouraging strong relationship commitments with key people and within teams, in-tact or virtual
  • Sales or business team performance development & building cohesive behaviours in teams
  • Talent Audits for key areas like sales
  • Business Acumen, Finance, Strategy 
  • Building Customer focused cultures
  • Ensure the sales team are delivering the numbers and the margins and build key client relationships
  • Organsing DiSC(r) Trainer Certification & Facilitator development
  • One to one business & people focused coaching, using conversations intelligence and encouraging EQ with IQ

A True Partnership Approach

We’re committed to achieving YOUR business & all teams results.

We help you, your teams or colloborative groups, your managers, leaders, sales, service and teams,

To…Improve, Commit To Change, Go Beyond Politics & Cultural Obstacles and To Win…

…and by targeted high-impact activities, learning & development (with a business purpose), that is complemented by progressive tools and facilitated by passionate professionals. We have a team of very experienced professionals and take client driven aproach to everything we do. Every cient is different.

We can work at NO COST or low cost up front with you, until such time as we agree what the RoadMap ahead might be. You are in control. We can offer diagnostic tools up front, on many occasions at NO cost to help with understand of the real issues, be it culture, trust, leadership, levels of Trust, employee passion or engagement issues.

Later, through facilitation, various interventions or assessment based learning, we focus wih you on a variety of sustainable approaches to make learning and change stick.

We mix these approaches with development that encourages people to reflect, to begin to think differently, and to realise and understand where change is required for them self and the team.