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Performance Partners are an award winning Learning and Consulting Organisation.

We are committed to helping you maximise your influence and potential, both as individuals and as key contributors and problem solvers within your business.

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From Personal Insight To Culture Change

Every organisation has its own unique culture. The strength of that culture, however, depends on if it was shaped intentionally or left to develop on its own. Without guidance, trust and a shared purpose, bad habits and poor communication can become the foundation of a company’s culture. One of the greatest business challenges is effectively changing a workplace culture.

Performance Partner’s expert facilitators and coaches can guide your organisation to create lasting behavioural change and a united culture, improving communication, understanding and business results.

How We Work

We apply a variety of grounded approaches, valid methods and tailored facilitation, to help you maximise contribution and productivity in your business.  Performance Partners will guide you in building high-performance cohesive teams and successful leaders with lasting impact on organisational culture. Every intervention will be tailored to your organisations needs and have an identifiable return on investment.

We are specialists in leadership and performance management, impacting change through people, cohesive team development, culture change, communications, relationships and trust.

Meet Our People

Peter O’Connor, Managing Director

Peter O Connor Performance PartnersAs consultant, facilitator and coach, Peter O’Connor has helped businesses and teams across three decades. He facilitates learning with a purpose and transfer, from strategic to team development initiatives. He is always client focused, tailoring for each environment. Virtual delivery is also now used with new technologies to support sustained learning.

Peter’s focus is always on outcomes and results, applying learning impact, process change, behavioural change, talent development and building trust and retention.

Performance Partners have worked in Ireland, the UK and internationally and are strategically partnered with long-standing organisations including Wiley publishing, and also Integro leadership. This enables us to bring our focus on using the world’s best HR tools such as Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team in fact-based approaches to our work, delivering on client needs and expectations.

Mark Egan

About Performance Partners 1

Mark is a director of Performance Partners. He is an experienced consultant, entrepreneur and business manager. Having worked as CEO and Director in Information Technology company, SureSkills and Media related businesses, Mark has co-found a number of technology, learning and services related businesses, having substantial real world experiences under his belt working with very successful and very challenging companies;

Mark took time out in 2005 to complete an MBA at UCD’s Smurfit Business School. More recently, Mark has been working with numerous companies on a wide range of issues from start-up to large scale fundraising and exporting to the US Federal market. Interestingly, in 2010 Mark mentored over 60 unemployed people – helping them start their own business.

Wendyrose SmithAbout Performance Partners 2

Wendyrose is an experienced facilitator and coach with a passion for behavioural science. With over 15 years in Marketing, analysing customer buying styles and behaviours, Wendyrose joined Performance Partners in 2017 to train as a facilitator with mentor and Performance Partner’s Director, Peter O’Connor.

She is accredited, by Wiley Publishing, in the world’s number one HR tools, Everything DiSC and The 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. During her career Wendyrose has been involved in change management, organisational culture development and leadership coaching, helping individuals, teams and organisations maximize their potential and results. She has redesigned all our courses, workshops and activities to ensure they are engaging, impactful and effective in a virtual setting, tailoring her facilitation and content to each organisation’s needs.

Specialities: Building trust in teams and organisational culture change.

Ruth Toomey

About Performance Partners 3

Ruth has significant experience facilitating with and coaching using Everything DiSC. She has worked extensively in the Pharmaceutical sector as Recruitment Manager, Business Development Director and General Manager. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) in 1993, from Waterford Institute of Technology.

Having worked as a Recruitment Consultant for three years she then went on to graduate from the Irish Management Institute with a Diploma in Executive Coaching. She has worked with senior executives from industries such as the Motor Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Banking & Finance and Sports Industry.

Specialities: Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, DiSC EQ and Business Mentoring.

Vincent Reynolds

About Performance Partners 4

Vincent is an experienced senior manager with a background in consulting, corporate training and development, finance and human resources.  Vincent started his career in general accounting practice before moving to a series of management and senior management roles with multinational companies.

He is a Chartered Certified Accountant, a former chairman of the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers and a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development. Vincent is an accredited EMCC certified executive coach, and a facilitator under the Irish Government’s Skillnets programme.  Throughout his career, Vincent has been involved in change management, business process reengineering, leadership coaching and training. He now acts as a business consultant and trainer helping companies to improve their profitability and effectiveness.

Speciality: Facilitating teams to overcome barriers and difficulties in times of growth and change.

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Recent Testimonials

Peter is excellent at building commitment into his initiatives and translating ideas into workable solutions. He engages in productive work sessions and his feedback and plans of action are solid. He has the ability to recognise developing problems and knows how to handle them. He is outcome-focused, conscientious and transparent about where you stand – the type of communication that fostered trust, clarity and the achievement of our goals. I would recommend Peter and his company to any company looking to achieve great things.

Training & Talent Manager, Utilities Company

In a world where everything is moving so fast the ability for people to become more reflective to learn about themselves and to be able to collaborate with others is a key imperative. I worked with Performance Partners on a number of jobs to help empower leaders, to have more self-awareness and to help our teams become more cohesive and collaborate better.

I have found that what he brings to the table, not only his personal expertise but the tools that he uses around DiSC and the Five Behaviours are really powerful instruments to help leaders to reflect on themselves, their impact on others, how to collaborate better to deliver results. Peter is always looking at delivering results. He is a great partner to work with if you are looking at leadership development or creating high performance teams.”

Peter places a lot of emphasis on impact on the business and results and what value can be added to the business. I have worked with Peter of Performance Partners for a number of years. I have always enjoyed working with him and gotten good value.

I know Peter professionally since 2010 and now I have a really good relationship with him. The reason is that Peter comes into your business, tries to understand your business, he’s supportive, he’s there when you have a question, he’s just easy to work with.

Business Consultant, Tier One Consulting Firm

We needed the right individual to design and to implement on a continuing basis a bespoke management development programme for every manager, team leader and supervisor.

This individual had to have the wherewithal to weave the entire management development endeavour seamlessly into our culture. We had received excellent recommendations of the work done by Peter O’Connor & Performance Partners.

When we spelled out what we wanted him to design and to deliver it was wholly apparent that Peter has an uncanny ability to empathise – to get round to the client’s side of the circle and to see things from the client’s perspective.

From the first meeting onward he demonstrated that he is a consummate professional, highly qualified and extensively experienced in developing individual practitioners, teams and the entire organisation. Peter’s training is, frankly outstanding. His commitment is total. He works tirelessly engaging with each and every individual passing through the programme.

The feedback from attendees is fulsome and founded upon the personal and professional benefit they gain through his one-to-one and small group coaching and mentoring. This continuing feedback confirms what any client quickly perceives.

Peter is an individual blessed with a relationship building array of qualities – sensible, sensitive, skilful, long-listening, and rounded off with a keen, quiet sense of fun.

I recommend Peter – his intellect, integrity, knowledge, understanding, skills, mindset and wisdom – unreservedly. I recommend Peter, and his talents, unreservedly to any institution looking for the very best in his field.

Organisational Development Manager, Insurance Company

Peter took the time to listen to the needs of our organisation which meant he delivered a bespoke programme to our team. The team have a much clearer understanding of the value of focusing on their combined strengths to enable them to reach and exceed their goals.

HR Manager, Multinational

Rest assured that you have found a very experienced facilitator in Peter O’Connor. He has an engaging style which put our team of 15 participants at their ease very early on in the session. This resulted in the team members being comfortable enough to engage fully with the programme. The feedback was extremely positive. We look forward to working with Peter in the future and have no hesitation in recommending working with him to any organisation.

Senior Business Leader, Irish Bank

Having had the pleasure of working with Peter on a number of occasions, I have no hesitation in recommending him as a very accomplished trainer and facilitator. He is a pleasure to work with. He is willing to put the time in to understand key priorities and has always delivered exceptional service to our organisation.

Head of Talent, Pharmaceutical Company

I have worked with Peter O’Connor of Performance Partners many times over the last 7 years. Peter has helped us to develop a programme for graduates which we have found to be excellent. Without exception our graduates have benefited greatly from this programme. The programme equips graduates with an understanding of various communication styles and provides very useful techniques to ensure clear and effective communication which is invaluable as they embark on their careers. We look forward to continuing working with Peter in the future.

Organisational Head, FMCG Business