Build Team Alignment & Cohesiveness

//Build Team Alignment & Cohesiveness

Build Team Alignment & Cohesiveness

Drive for results through building “cohesive” B2B teams.

Peter has brought clarity & alignment & trust into many B2B teams.


You know it’s important to be clear where your team is heading, what results you and the team are driving for, and the outcomes of all those hard efforts from you and your people.Will you end up where you meant to?

Building alignment and a cohesiveness with a group of individuals (a team), is not simple as you know. We facilitate personalised (survey based) team workshops that help leaders to engage people, to get productive dialogue on track, build alignment and to ensure a cohesive team focused on results (through building trust, team commitment & accountability).

A focus on The Five key behaviours for Cohesive teams (5BCT) is crucial, using these five behaviours as a focus for team conversations, and Peter’s experienced facilitative style to work through the barriers, dynamics and obstacles that are naturally present in all teams. We help you drive for results through enabling business leaders, team leaders and people managers to build a “cohesive team” with the longer-term results and sustainability.

The key behaviours we address in your team (with factual data from the 5B survey) are Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountabilty & Results.

You know the results that you want, we help you achieve those results through cohesiveness and alignment.

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