Sales Talent Assessment, your role and applied development

Understanding sales role benchmarks for maximum performance in your own sales role is helpful.

This development focuses on best practice in sales. We provide training to identify your development gaps and meet needs, where they most occur for you.

You take a Sales assessment in advance of training, which will drill into your personal strengths & gaps. This Sales Talent assessment is also used for executive sales people as a means of assessing and analysing their entire sales organisation using the aggregate group reporting capability.

Sales Managers use this assessment to analyse their sales team and determine the focus of both group training and individual coaching.

The feedback report that each respondent receives includes a customised “skill graph” indicating key selling strengths, and highlighting important development opportunities in key sales skill categories.

Outcomes include:

  • Identify your personal sales strengths as well as development needs
  • Gain immediate actionable feedback.
  • Be facilitated with an opportunity to learn some new selling skills, relevant to your role.