One Vision

ONE Vision empowers you to accelerate decision-making in your team and create an environment of increased accountability, personal responsibility and performance.

The overall focus of ONE vision is on Business Results – this is not a soft skill team building program it is a series of challenging discussion about how our ONE vision process will help your senior team achieve its potential. If your team is not in alignment on your vision and goals, or is having difficulty agreeing on tough and important decisions, ONE vision is for you.

Based on over 30 years of research and experience, Performance Partners has found that alignment is one of the key factors driving the success of the best performing companies. Different individual styles and skill-sets are of course an asset in any team – but they need to be pointing to the same vision to ensure they are a constructive force.

What makes ONE vision unique?

We don’t just talk about alignment, we actually measure it.

We have a unique measurement tool that provides insight and data on the alignment and trust levels of your team and identifies the key areas for change. Once clear on the current state, we are able to tailor a specific process around your team’s unique needs, vision and strategic objectives.

The measurement tool also enables you to track progress over time.

Outcomes include:

  • Team alignment behind a clear common vision
  • Increased accountability and responsibility
  • Increased levels of self and team awareness
  • Increased levels of trust among team members
  • Faster and more effective decision-making
  • A common language for clearer communication

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