How To Develop A 2011 Sales Plan

//How To Develop A 2011 Sales Plan

How To Develop A 2011 Sales Plan

Didn’t we just write a sales plan? We worked like crazy people to end the year in grand style while celebrating the Holidays with friends and family. Who has the time to write a sales plan for 2011? I urge you to find the time if you expect to keep your sales job. Besides, I’m here to help you write a successful sales plan for 2011.

Let’s not just write a 2011 sales plan for the sake of having one. Instead, let’s develop a 2011 sales plan that is truly a working document. Your 2011 Sales Plan should be a road map to a successful 2011 sales year.

There a many sections in a sales plan for 2011 but truly only two questions need to be answered


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