Why Prospects Don’t Buy From You!

//Why Prospects Don’t Buy From You!

Why Prospects Don’t Buy From You!

Would you like to learn more about:
How to uncover greater numbers of sales leads.
How to overcome fears prospects have regarding reliability and trust.
How to organise your sales calls to greatest effect.
How to stand up to competition from large, traditional vendors.
Here’s 5 nice pointers and a link to some very helpful re-learning sales tips.

1.  Should you be considering your abaility to qualify your leads? What about
your price points, are they acceptable to the buyer, versus your competition?
2.  Have you identified the right person who will really rate what you have to offer, and have they
the means, authority and neeed to buy off you?
3.  Have you established enough confidence with the, that they trust you?
4.  Have you established a really great relationship with them, where you are now on their strategic partners list?
5. Do you understand the buying process and the politics for their company’s buying and are you just making up the bid numbers?
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