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What We Do.

Performance Partners work with our clients to help them to develop strategies and organisational performance at all levels in the business, with a specific focus in helping with the people side of performance.

We develop leaders at all levels, build high performance teams, develop employee passion and we align teams who commit to organisational & operational goals. So…..

  • What are the people-related challenges in your business?
  • What is causing most of the blocks in consistent organisational, team alignment, trust & performance or service levels?

We help and support you to realise benefits and significant business impact. We can use our considerable expertise & experience, experienced consulting, diagnostic approaches and our people skills, our tools, facilitated experiential tailored learning, along with powerful acitivties like surveys/debriefs to create learning (with a business purpose) that sticks.

We are committed to your objectives, while mixing our approaches with development that encourages change, gets people to reflect, to begin to think differently, and to realise and understand where change is required for themself and the team. We bring lasting change.

We combine this with executive coaching, personal development, and a mix of energetic short and longer classroom workshops, tailored for leaders, managers, sales professionals and teams.

Our approaches and facilitatation creates impact and reflection. What we do is informed by best practice in training and developing, aligned with an holistic approach to people development.

The Approaches include:

The programmes, span across general programmes in Management, Leadership (strategic & operational), Sales, Service, Teams commitment & performance. We also offer a wide range of DiSC based solutions, The Five Behaviours Of A Cohesive team and the Everything DiSC Trainer certification. Through profiling for your team, to short but highly impactful solutions.

We are a Wiley Authorised Everything DiSC & Five Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team Partner in Ireland & the UK.

Our promise is to act as your business performance partner and to help you to get results from learning!

  • Experienced business & team supports
  • Coaching, business, executive, career and personal
  • Priority Management skills
  • Workplace learning approaches that transfer learning and action on to the job
  • Set up stages, a phased approach (with you in control), to ensure all factors are considered
  • Accountability to performance, "skin in the game" so to speak 
  • Supporting your people's intelligence, EQ, skills, flexibility, trust building, innovation and creativity through development
  • An holistic approach. We believe in the potential of your teams & your people. 
  • Transforming the learning with a focus on application.
  • Support and sustainability of learning