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The DiSC Model Overview – The Four Basic Styles

Watch this video to learn more about the DiSC model.

The Two Dimensions

The DiSC model is based on the idea of two fundamental dimensions of human nature, represented by these two axes. Learn more about the history of DiSC here. The vertical axis runs from active and outspoken at the top of the circle to more thoughtful and reflective at the bottom of the circle. The horizontal axis runs from accepting and warm on the right side of the circle to questioning and skeptical on the left side of the circle.

The intersection of these two dimensions creates the four basic DiSC styles: those with the D style tend to be skeptical and active, those with the i style tend to be active and accepting, those with the S style tend to be accepting and reflective, and those with the C style tend to be reflective and skeptical.

The Four Styles

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