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Selection & Recruitment

Selecting and recruiting people who will perform consistently over a long period of time, is a challenge for all businesses.

People who can self-manage are worth their weight in gold. They may also more easily stay on track to the goals and performance objectives, without the need for large chunks of unecessary management time.

You can recuit and select well, but only if you spend time on clearly defining roles, in offering role clarity and in giving clear direction.

The use of tools in the selection and recruitment process is worth considering. For instance, time spent in profiling a role, and comparing final candidates against benchmarks, lends two critical pieces into the path to successful recruitment. One is the ability to assess and evaluate if the person has the necessary skills, competencies, behavioural strenghts, decision making skills and other factors to perform in the job.

The second is that it informs your interview and final selection process, in a way that lowers the potential for you making a bad hire, the cost to your business of bad hiring, is not always quatified or realised. On final selection and induction, you also have a great amount to work on in highlighting any gaps and development areas for the person in the job.