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Your Sales Skillmap

The Professional Selling SkillMap will help you to understand individual and sales group skill strengths and skill gaps. This diagnosis saves you money, enabling you to provide training where the need most occurs.

You can take a Selling SkillMap here. We ask you to respect our terms by only using one Selling SkillMap per company, to try it out !

The Professional Selling SkillMap.
  • Executive Sales Leaders in Ireland and the UK can use the powerful Selling SkillMap assessment to analyse their entire sales organisation using the aggregate group reporting capability.
  • Sales Managers use this assessment to analyse their sales team and determine the focus of both group training and individual coaching.
  • Salespeople really value this assessment because it identifies their strengths as well as development needs, and gives immediately actionable feedback.

The feedback report that each respondent receives includes a customised “skill graph” indicating key selling strengths, and highlighting important development opportunities in 20 skill categories.

There are many reasons why this selling skills assessment is unique, including the quality of the training resources which are directly linked to the assessment results. The feedback report provides detailed development planning tools and resources for each of the 20 skill categories. It is designed to help every salesperson develop new skills and strategies to drive superior sales performance. Download eBruchure

The goal is to help your “C” performers become “B” performers, and your “B” performers become “A” performers.

MySelling Skillmap Assessment

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This assessment of consultative selling skills was developed specifically to be a coaching tool to help sales managers focus their performance improvement activities, and to help individual salespeople in their self-coaching efforts.

Upon completion of the assessment, a salesperson receives immediate feedback regarding strengths and skill development opportunities. Numerous training resources are available to begin training immediately, targeting the areas identified by the assessment.

For example, if an individual scored low in the areas of prospecting and asking strategic questions, these could be addressed immediately through e-learning courses that are availble, audio CD’s, individual coaching or workshops.

Why The SkillMap Is Unique?

The 20 Selling SkillMap Categories.

Research and Validation.

The Feedback Report.

SkillMap Brochure