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Process & People

At Performance Partners, we are most careful to take into consideration your sales process, as well as the vital need to attend to your sales talent. A sales process is your organisations method, systems and approaches to selling a product or service. In certain organisations, this is not defined, in others
there is an engineering discipline applied to this.


Dependent on the environment, an appropriate approach needs to match the business needs, and the need to support sales people to be effective and to get results.
Reasons for having a well thought-out sales process include meeting the needs of buyers and seller, enabling customer face to face, online or phone interaction in sales, and growing revenues.

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Stages we may need to engage with you in a sales process vary but can include the following elements:

  • Opening and capture of client interaction data.
  • Qualification process and criteria – for pipeline and opportunity management
  • Sales lead generation
  • Client needs uncovery and compliance approaches
  • Qualifying prospects and suspect development into the sale funnel
  • ROI and Proposal processes and systems
  • Advancement phases in selling and negotiation
  • Closing and up selling
  • Payment
  • CRM systems

First we need to reflect on the process you use, or may need to tweak for the benefit of sales people and customers.

The critical pieces that we work on with you are 'who's on your sales bus' and how we can support them in being more effective. How can we help sales managers to get the most from their sales people? How can we ensure that the people you have in sales roles, are high performing, or if they have potential, that we help you to get them high performing self achievers, in the shortest possible
time frame.

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