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Performance Profiling

With performance profiling, we want to help you with understanding the benchmarks for high performing sales people. This helps your business to hire, develop and retain the right sales people, using The Sales Assessment & The Sales Talen Audit.

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If you have superior sales performers in all roles, then your life as a sales manager is far easier. The Sales Talent Auditing process and assessment help you with hiring the right people, developing people and can help you to increase sales revenue substantially by hiring superior performers.

Where we help you win specifically, is the level of high achiever sales benchmarks that you can compare your people’s skills, behaviours, motivation, critical thinking and their fit with your culture.

Getting the right people in the right roles, with the right leading, one on one coaching & management, and performing to their best, contributing to your business goals. That is what we seek to help you with.

When organisations look at sales, they very often focus in on their sales processes, and managing the sales pipeline.

With a sales talent audit, we can drill down in the actual skills, behaviours, motivation and verbal reasoning abilities of your team.

Find out the details or see a short webinar about the powerful  Sales Talent Audit NOW

Sales talents may be innate in some aspects, but skills can actually be developed if you are aware of the gap. Behaviours can be encouraged and coached in a person with the right appetite to learn and the attitude to win and succeed.

Talents are inborn, but skills can be learned. Anyone can learn to be an effective salesperson, and good salespeople can become great at developing and honing in their sales skills.

Verbal reasoning is often overlooked. Critical thinking ability may be absent for sales people who need to use a startegic aproach to client business development. This may result in sales people not closing deals. But the sales manager or sales person may never know that these critical thinking abilities were challenged. We all make assumptions.

With the comprehensive sales talent audit, the potential exists to drill into the skills, behaviours, motivation, thinking and reasoning abilities in your sales team so they are truly equipped to make their sales goal and targets.

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