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Hire, retain and develop!

Hire the right people. Companies that fail and underperforming teams, are usually influenced by people who were hired into roles, that they were not suited to from a skills, attitude, knowledge, motivation and behavioural point of view. Don’t make expensive hiring mistakes that affect everyone in your business.

The use of tools in the selection and recruitment process is worth considering. For instance, time spent in profiling a role, and comparing final candidates against benchmarks, lends two critical pieces into the path to successful recruitment. One is the ability to assess and evaluate if the person has the necessary skills, competencies, behavioural strenghts, decision making skills and other factors to perform in the job.

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The second is that it informs your interview and final selection process, in a way that lowers the potential for you making a bad hire. The cost to your business of poor quality hiring is not always quantified or realised until too late.

On final selection and induction, you will also (with Performance (Partner’s Sales Talent Audits & SkillMapping) have a great amount to work on in highlighting any gaps and development areas for the person in the new sales job.

Retain the best people. Have you a retention and talent management strategy? Let us help you with some retention ideas.

Develop your people. We help you go beyond the assumption of performance and achievement to where you can take action to develop people so that they are contributing and not hiding in your teams.
Find out the details or see a short webinar about the powerful  Sales Talent Audit NOW

Most sales people really want to feel they are contributing, and so do you. We support your development intentions with real, valid approaches, facilitation and tools.