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How Sales Talent Assessments & Profiling works.

Designed especially to assess sales people’s current performance capability and growth potential for specific selling and sales management and leadership roles, Sales Talent Assessment is a rigorous and highly predictive on-line assessment environment.

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Sales Talent Assessment:

  • Offers a clear understanding of individual sales peoples’ performance capabilities in direct comparison with those of a global High-Performer in the same role.
  • Shows clearly and accurately who can actually deliver in a specific role today, and who has the potential to deliver, along with a detailed development needs analysis to get them to that stage.
  • Delivers a Detailed Needs Analysis right ‘out of the box’, with full team needs analysis reports also available – see Sales Talent Dashboards.
  • Provides levels of accuracy and detail comparable with those available from a full-blown assessment centre, yet can be completed online by sales people outside peak selling time, in bite-sized chunks, and typically taking less than three hours in total.
  • Requires no set-up, no pre-design work, and no consultants to interpret the results – however, we can help train your people to brief candidates and deliver feedback if required.

Each Sales Talent Assessment report is generated by the candidate completing a number of online assessment modules. One or two are timed, while the remainder can be completed at the candidate’s convenience. The assessments vary by type and level, according to the role being reviewed.


Find out the details or see a short webinar about the powerful  Sales Talent Audit NOW

See the sample screen shots below: although these are not representative of any specific role, they do offer an insight into the type of assessments deployed.

Sales Talent Assessment tests four key areas designed to assess an individual’s suitability for a specific sales role:

1 – Critical reasoning.

All roles involve one or more SHL critical reasoning tests, although the type and level of test will vary according to role. Shown here are two sample critical reasoning questions from the Numerical and Verbal critical reasoning series. Critical reasoning determines raw ability to perform a role.

Please note: if you are going to be taking a test, your questions may be a different type of critical reasoning test, or from a different series. These are shown for example purposes only.

Numerical critical reasoning example:

Verbal critical reasoning example:

2 – Behaviour

All role assessments use personality questionnaires from SHL. One example is SHL’s OPQ32r personality questionnaire shown below. From the behavioural test, the results most closely aligned to the specific sales role being assessed are analysed: although the format is generally the same for all roles, the output is aligned specifically role by role, showing only the key behaviors relevant to the role in question. Behavioral preference determines comfort in performing a role.

OPQ32r example question:

3 – Motivation

Motivation drives desire to perform. Here, SHL’s Motivation Questionnaire is used to identify what drives an individual’s desire to perform. Desire drives results.

MQ example question:

4 – Skills

This report clearly shows whether an individual has the optimal functional skills to be a top performer. Here, SalesAssessment’s own unique assessment methodology compares the skills of an individual with the profile of a global High-Performer for the role being assessed. Skills determine how well an individual can perform a role.

Find out the details or see a short webinar about the powerful  Sales Talent Audit NOW

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