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Discover how to secure ultimate performance from your sales people, with our Sales talent Audit.

What if you could assess a sales person specifically for the job, or role you wanted them to do? And what if the same assessment could also tell you how well their capabilities compared to those of a group of High Achievers doing the same job? What could you do with that information? Whether hiring, developing or restructuring your sales talent, Sales Talent Audit, feauturing a unique (SHL validated) sales assessment can show you all of this and more.

By comparing a sales person’s capabilities across the four key factors that ultimately determine revenue performance, Sales Talent Audit is your key to unleashing the ultimate sales performance from each member of your sales team.
3 of the main Pillars for Growth in your organisation are:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

You are probably on top of sales talent management or are you? Do you clearly align your talent with your sales processes and with the expectations of your market? Perhaps, you are clearly addressing your sales process and ensuring that technology like CRM systems are being used virtually with your sales team. However, there is always room for improvement in clarifying and deepening your knowledge of who your star performers are going to be, as you develop them. Also, are you clear who has the potential to meet target, and those who may not make it?

Register for Sales Talent Audit now and it includes the process, detailed sales assessments, sales band levels and role benchmarks and knowledge to support you in taking a strategic look at your sales talent for long term re-assurance and decision making.

So what are the four critical factors that we help you to look at in details about your sales talent?

  • Their behavioural factors (will they be ‘comfortable’ performing the role);
  • Their critical reasoning (do they have the ‘intellectual ability’ required to perform the role);
  • Their functional or job skills (‘can’ they perform the role);
  • Their motivators (what’s going to create the ‘desire’ for them to perform the role).

Sales Talent Audit is the ONLY job role specific sales assessment profile and test for sales people available online.

Sales Talent Audit shows you how the capabilities of each sales person compare to those of a High Performer in any given role and specifically what development each would need become a High Performer.

Sales Talent Audit will tell you whether any given sales person is capable of becoming a High Performer in their current or prospective role so you can make the right investment decisions.

The assessments are all administered online, with pre-built and pre-configured assessments. This method requires no sales management time to set up and run, the assessment can be taken out of the selling day.

The individual’s results are presented so they can be easily understood and fed-back by line managers; and are delivered both as a summary (Sales Talent Audit) report; and as a detailed skills needs analysis that makes personal development planning easy.

For Management, we offer a role-based Team Report which delivers a clear and simple ‘performance health check’ of your current sales talent. Team Reports also include detailed, actionable development needs analysis charts, with the results presented by team and by individual, providing you with a basis for clear development/hiring RoIe metrics. Sales Talent Audit assessments are the key to understanding the "Return on Investment" from your sales team.

Get overview On Sales Talent Audit Assessments NOW.

Sales Talent Audit comprises a suite of online assessments that use pre-validated data (validated by SHL) to measure an individual’s suitability for a particular sales role.

Each Sales Talent Audit assessment comprises a total of 4 or 5 assessments, according to role.
Each assessment varies by type and level, according to the role being reviewed
The online pre-built and pre-configured assessments require no set up, saving valuable sales and management time

Sales Talent Audit Individual Reports are provided to you and this delivers an easy to read report for line management that:

  • Provides a clear report on a person’s ability to do the job
  • Clearly highlights areas of strength and the development needs of each individual
  • Offers a way of predicting future performance potential in that role with a high level of accuracy
  • Delivers a detailed and role specific development plan focusing only on the areas that drive up revenue
Team Reports

Team Reports deliver a role by role management overview of your current sales talent in one single document to provide:

  • A management overview of your sales team, showing how they compare with a benchmark group of high achievers in the same role
  • A detailed breakdown of the individual competencies, skills, critical reasoning and motivators
  • An immediately actionable development and training needs analysis by team and by individual highlighting the most critical areas on which to focus
The SalesAssessment has numerous sales role definitions.

We have a variety of sales role definitions available, with which we create
comparison reports of your sales reps assessment.

The role definitions that we have available are:

Our sales role definitions are divided into four bands, reflecting the
complexity of the assessment, analysis and feedback required for each role as
well as their value to the employing organisation.

The Sales Leader role is in Band 1. More about Bands

The Sales Manager role is in Band 2. More about Bands

Band 3 includes all the more complex selling roles, with the remainder falling into Band 4. More about Bands
Many clients have a complex mix of different roles within their sales organisations and their precise assessment needs vary over time. Clients often find it beneficial to purchase Sales Talent Assessments by the relevant band, subsequently calling off the
specific role assessments as and when required. More about Bands

Contact us for details and to see how this data enables you to make objective decisions about your sales talent. Call Peter on 01-2402255. Register for Sales Talent Audit Information Now
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