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Performance Partners Sales TrainingAt Performance Partners, we provide a wide range of solutions for selling professionals and those who want to not just deliver effective selling / services, but who want to foster and create a customer focused culture.
Performance Partners has an extensive range of
assessments, sales tools and processes, which can be used no matter what your challenges:
Recruitment & Selection: Don’t make the mistakes of hiring the wrong person, or just relying on interview only. Consider the Sales Talent Audit.


Sales Process development: Whether you have your own sales process, or follow a well-known system in the market, there will be many similarities.  A system is important, but at Performance Partners, we work as as sales process independent. We use tools and approaches that do NOT box you in to expensive methodologies, and processes. We can help you to make the right choices or to build upon what you already have, cutting costs. We also help you to implement a professional approach to sales pipeline management.

More details principles which guide many of our consultative sales processes, are outlined below.

Sales Training, Development & Coaching: We uniquely, also look at the approach of targeted training and development. We don’t fire a lot of what you do not need at you, or your people. We diagnose what your people need, and just deliver development, training, approaches or sales coaching to:

  • Where your people need it most.
  • Where your process is poor or your systems don't support sales performance
  • Where their role requires them to develop the skills.

We also take care with what we do for you up-front to analyse what's working / not working, during training and post-training to ensure sustainability of the learning and to make training and sales change stick for you and your people.

Our costs of delivery overall are very cost effective, as we target toward what you need.
Here is an outline below, of some of the interventions what we provide at Performance Partners Sales.

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Consultative Selling Model Overview. Our Principles.

Advance Preparation—become a genuinely valuable resource for information and insight, not just a product pusher.

Determine Call Objective(s)—generate progressive customer commitments, ultimately resulting in the sale.

Rapport Building & Trust Inside—develop a sincere and lasting personal connection with every prospect and customer.

Needs Discovery, Analysis and Confirmation—gain an understanding of both tactical and strategic needs.

Advocate "Relevant Client Centric" Solutions—tie all recommendations to previously identified needs.

Minimise Buyer’s Remorse, Support & Serve—overcome any post-sale hesitation or uncertainty.

Advance the Account Development Cycle—keep moving forward.

4 Pillars For Growth – Talent Development, Sales Leadership, Processes & Structure (CRM & Pipeline Management).