Building “Trust Inside” Your Organisation.

Research shows that up to 37% of employees are disconnected from organisations. However, these people likely remain, and may become a net negative contributor to your bottom line.

“Trust Inside” delivers a vivid snapshot of individual and team performance and expectations across a range of critical areas. The “Trust Inside” approaches, fronted up by a survey, offers information & results which empower leaders and employees with a new understanding of their work environment.

The range of development models that are focused on within the Trust Inside programme, provide both strategies and a foundation for bringing performance up to optimum levels. You gain a clear action plan for your team, division or company.

Find out more about the real work of leaders, the surveys, vision, alignment, execution, the process and approaches.

Outcomes include:

  • Measuring Employee Passion In Your Business
  • Assessing Team Alignment & Clarity
  • Feedback (360) On Your Trust & Leader’s
  • Flexibility Rating


Flexible Management

Learn about your style when managing one on one, with “Flexible Management”. How flexible are you, when you lead and manage the performance of others? What styles do you find most difficult?

Flexing your style when managing people, based on will and skill, attitude and ability is common knowledge. Unfortunately, it is not common practice. Most people who feel they have a bad manager, are probably experiencing this phenomenon on a day to day basis.

With Flexible management, these relationships are improved, by giving tools and a new skill-set to the managers. The end result is a win – win where the manager gradually experiences better performing team members and where conversations are more open around the goals and progress of key work activities.

Outcomes include:

  • Learning and applying the skills leading & managing people one to one
  • Realising the need and learning skills to flex your style based on will, skill, attitude and ability.
  • Understanding the needs of the people that report to you & how to accelerate their development