“From the frontline to the C-Suite”

How can you support YOUR people leaders to be even better?

•  Are the management and leadership roles evolving and so new skills are required?
•  Do you need to develop newly promoted managers so that they have the tools to fulfil their new role effectively? Can we help your emerging leaders?
•  Do your Senior Management team need to create a vision and supporting communication strategy for their organisation?
•  Do you need to prepare staff for future leadership roles within the organisation?

Depending on (and driven by) your needs, we can help design and deliver a leadership or change management programme, to suit your situation. This can range from a 1-hour targeted session to a comprehensive 5-day residential bootcamp. The approach can include behavioural profiling tools, such as DiSC, as this highlights strengths and opportunities within the participants leadership skillset. Also, activities and facilitated discussions that both challenge and support the leader’s development. Executive Coaching can be built into the programme to reinforce the learning or as a standalone development tool.

Below are some of the areas where we can help your leaders:

  • Assertiveness 

  • EQi

  • Managing Remote Workers

  • Team Dynamics 

  • Change Management

  • Feedback Motivation

  • Objective Setting

  • Time Management

  • Communication

  • Motivation

  • Staff Development

  • Agile Supports

LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE Disc Production Conflict
LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE Everything-DiSC Management
LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE workplace certification

“We know that Leadership development and change offers a broad range of challenges and so we recommend a short chat to help you diagnose the root cause. Contact Peter or Seanán directly or fill out this form for a return call or email”