IceBreakers With DiSC. It’s easy with QUIKDiSC !

//IceBreakers With DiSC. It’s easy with QUIKDiSC !

IceBreakers With DiSC. It’s easy with QUIKDiSC !

If you've used DiSC in your organisational learning and development in Ireland or the UK, then you may be very familiar with card games with personality and behavioural interventions.

The DiSC Icebreaker Using the QuikDiSC Card Game is is a unique card game that engages DiSC learners quickly and increases training effectiveness. QuikDiSC includes four sets of 32 cards.

You could use it even in a session, where people haven't taken a profile, it is that intuitive and easy for people to engage with positively. Each card is imprinted with a descriptive word that corresponds to one of the four DiSC dimensions of behaviour:

  • Dominance
  • influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Here is one of the QuikDiSC exercises that is used at the beginning of DiSC workshops that helps participants self-disclose right away.

They are deatl 5 QuikDiSC cards (that show human behavioural and positive strengths) to each person.

They discard two that are least like them. The group is then asked to trade cards with one another in order to gather 3 key words that best describe them. People move around in the room, while swopping and trading cards. Participants get to discuss why they chose the words they did. Then have them pick 3 words that describe why they've been most successful in what they do.

It is a simple, but impactful ince-breaker and can be used in many ways, including to give positive feedback on other people in our team and how we perceive them.

This article was written by Peter O’Connor. Peter is the founding Director of Performance Partners Ltd in Ireland.

Peter and his colleagues works with Businesses in leadership, sales and service to clarify Business Sales & Marketing processes and development of sales people. Contact Peter at peter(AT)

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