DiSC Leadership 363 Arrives !

//DiSC Leadership 363 Arrives !

DiSC Leadership 363 Arrives !

Well, at last, it is here, the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profiles.
Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders, is the latest DiSC profile in the Everything DiSC Application Library.
Many of us have worked with 360 degree feedback over the years and realise frustrations that people managers leaders have with even 180, never mind 360. Feedback, if unfocused, peronalised, opinionated can impact the result that we wanted. Without real quality facilitation or coaching, it can be a mess.
However, the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders offers a new solution that combines the user friendliness and the power of DiSC as you would expect components of a good 360 degree feedback. The Everything DiSC Leaders report report also provides 3 strategies to improve leadership effectiveness that are written to the leader's own DiSC style.

The Everything DiSC 363 report is easy to understand with clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to help interpret and explain the data.

Raters are enabled to give constructive feedback in a non threatning way. Raters choose from highly-tested, behaviour focused comments that add richness, context, and depth to the feedback. Everything DiSC 363 offers a "good mix of data and friendly feedback."

At performance partners, we encourage you to try Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. If you've used DiSC before, it makes sense. If not, you'll be highly surprised at how afforable, impactful and easy to use it is.

This blog by Peter O’Connor, Managing Director and Facilitator, Performance Partners Ltd. For Leadership, Management, Sales, DiSC Profiling.



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