Getting Appointments At The Top!

//Getting Appointments At The Top!

Getting Appointments At The Top!

Getting appointments through cold calling as we all know, is not easy to do. Well, certainly the more you aim up the food chain in an organisation, the more challenged you may well be, to get a meeting. If you were working (and maybe you are) at a very senior level in an organisation, it’s worth thinking what would motivate you or what motivates you to give any time to a sales professional, a consultant or a person who makes some form of direct contact to meet with you.

It is a very big question and if you can’t answer it, you won’t be getting many appointments and you will be the victim of mere wishful thinking. An US sales pro who’s been around the block more than once in assessing how to get appointment with senior executives, has some insights that are certainly worth pondering and a process that is worth you while checking out. Selling To VITO

Anthony Parinello has written substantially on the subject and I recommend that you check his “Selling To VITO” approches if a strategy for getting high level meetings is high on your list. VITO by the way stands for “Very Important Top Officer”.
You can download his eBook here


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