Frontline Management, Leverage Your Style. Performance Management.

“Frontline Management, Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style” provides managers with an easy to apply management tool (DiSC) which they need to use in coaching and developing competent, motivated employees by gaining a deeper understanding of individual strengths and challenges. They also learn to apply flexible management for understanding the learning stages of someone with whom they must manage performance.

Individualised Participant reports, based on validated research-based data, create a personalised, relevant learning experience. Through innovative, experiential activities, participants learn to maximise their communication skills and capitalise on their people skills knowledge and management effectiveness.

Additionally, learn how to avoid conflict that is purely based on learning stages, style preferences, and communications needs of the people involved. This is a 6 session program tapping into each manager’s unique strengths so they can coach, direct, communicate, and manage in a way that allows others to excel.