Stressed Out & Challenged?2017-06-02T11:42:41+00:00
Stressed Out Executive? What might be stressing you out?


Most people are experiencing more stress in their lives, for very apparent reasons. Less time, more to do, less resources.

What we are finding in our coaching work, is that many business people are finding it harder to work through     where to push back on their competing work and home priorities.

Many benefit from insights into the core areas of their life where stress is present, and also helping them to see t through the difficulties where solutions may lie. Identifying their coping resources is also very valuable information for behavioural change.

As we are very aware that we'd like to help people to see some light at the end of a dark tunnel, we have an offer. For a limited time, we're offering you the opportunity, as a business professional, to evaluate taking 45 minutes out of your schedule.

Here's what is proposed To Help YOU !

We have a brief confidential chat by phone. You can also optionally take a profile online (again in confidence), called The Coping & Stress Profile. It's a powerful tool. It allows you to self-survey on the business and 'outside of business' areas that are stressing you the most.

Of even more significance and impact, is the opportunity with a personised report that you will receive, to see exactly what are the coping resources that you have, and how you can leverage these resources more, to reduce the pressure and stress.

We all need a certain level of stress. It can even be a motivator for many people. However, there's a balance.

Why not try it out or find out more. We'll only charge you Eur 20 (via a paypal link) for the actual profile.

The 45 min phone or over a coffee feedback costs you nothing ! We'd like to help. Coaches are Ruth Toomey, Peter O'Connor & Mark Egan. Contact Us Now