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Are You On Track & On Time ?

Are your 2011 goals on track? Did you plan the direction you're headed this year? Is that plan or the team plan on track?

What are THE most important things to focus on now, so you get back on track or keep on track? What do you need to stop doing, as it is not leading you where you want to be?

Are you tracking the key tasks and attending to what will keep you on track?

Are you influencing the right people or is your team energised and on board?

Is EQ or behavioural change something that requires attention?

Are the key relationships that you require being fostered?

Are you being the manager you want to be remembered for?

What else can you do?

Can we help you with one on one coaching. We can also give you our visual goal planning software, challenge you with some new and more productive time management habits, and hel you to become aware of a few vital changes to how you focus and develop clarity?

Sample Us Starter Pack.

As part of the Performance Partner "sample us" starter pack, for a very small investment, we will help you to get back on track through the use of professional coaching, and the use of some tools, that will benefit you.

We give you a FREE goal setting and tracking tool that you use on your PC or phone, and also
work with you over 1, 2 or 3 sessions of 90 minute coaching. Coaches are Ruth Toomey, Peter O'Connor or Mark Egan. Contact us now

You tell us what you need, and we'll respond to help you.

Develop focus, track your ideas, take the right action, track your progress, manage your time and get support.

Click here To Get On Track and On Time & In The Right Direction to find out more & tell us more (Confidential).