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customer service skillmap

Customer Service Skillmap.

How do you help a customer service representative to improve his or her effectiveness if you’re not sure which specific skills needs to be learned or enhanced?

How do you target your Customer Service training at both the individual and organisational level?

How can you reduce your training budget while increasing effectiveness in service?

The Customer Service SKillMap™

Assessment and development guides help service professionals pinpoint the specific skills, the habits and the attitudes they should focus on for improved performance. It includes an assessment of customer service skills in 12 categories providing a graphical representation of each individual’s unique strengths and growth opportunities.

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Individual Assessment and Self-Paced Learning.

Individual Customer Service Representatives can complete the online assessment in less than 20 minutes, then be linked directly to training and development resources based upon their assessment results. A downloadable Development Guidebook helps to focus and structure their learning.

Organisational Assessment and Targeted Training.

When a group of Customer Service people complete the online assessment, a “Manager Dashboard” is available with robust reporting capability to run aggregate group reports by geography, division, business unit, work group, etc. These aggregate reports provide objective analysis of a group’s service strengths and development needs. Based on the group results a broad range of training tools are available for targeted skill development:

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e-learning courses available too, after you take the assessment. Make sure you contact us after you take the preview assessment.

The free Guest pass will allow you to experience the online assessment, see the results and understand how focused skill development is linked back to an individual’s strengths and development opportunities. Download the eBrochure

Customer Service in Style, With DiSC !

We also provide the DiSC customer service assessment, to help your customer service people to deeply experience behavioural style and how behavioural dynamics play out in service oriented and retail environments. They get to understand their natural ’service style’, their service ‘challenges’ and also they get to realise the four different customer styles, Dominance,Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

They will experience how to serve the needs of each style, so that service expectations are met. If they achieve this behavioural match effectively, it is 30% more likely that the customer will return again to place their business your way.

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