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FAQ's Frequently Asked Question.

Do I take profiles in advance of the training, participant or trainer training?

Yes, we provide you with three DiSC(r) profiles to take in advance of your development and formal trainer training course. These personalised reports are used as per your training to help you to deepen your own understanding of this as a leader, manager, team meber, sales executive or trainer.

You will experience the rich learning that your course participants will ultimately experience when you begin to run your own DiSC(r) training. Discover the Everything DiSC(r) range.

Is the training only available in the public format?

No, the trainer development programme is run in house for companies who have their own trainers. This can be more cost-effective based on the number of trained together and also the programme will be highly tailored and reached with your existing training programmes. Online Virtual DiSC(r) accreditation can be organised also.

How many DiSC(r) profiles are there?

The Everything DiSC(r) circumflex reports, as mentioned above include reports for 1-1 & 1 – many leadership, strategy (Work of Leaders), 360/180, management, teams, sales and applied to customer service. There are also a range of people reading tools & action planners to allow you to plan how you will manage other people with different DiSC(r) styles by how you might build relationships with other people with different styles. You will learn how to use all these reports during your certification training.

Discover the Everything DiSC(r) range.

How much do the profiles cost?

Profiles are administered through the epic profiles platform and are based on a credits system. Pricing varies dependent on the profile that you wish to use. However, the publisher’s Wiley, are renowned for providing the lowest cost / high-quality personality and behavioural profiles in the marketplace.  For instance, DiSC(r) Action Planners are available at very low cost, although profiles for leadership and management have a higher cost range, because of the extremely rich nature and highly business oriented impact of these reports.

Discover the Everything DiSC(r) range.

How often do you run the public course?

The public DiSC(r) accreditation program is running (on an open basic) a up to three times per year, but in-house can be run for you or a 1-1 & virtual DiSC(r) certification is also availble. More options with virtual are evolving.

Who are the course facilitators?

Course Facilitator
The course facilitators include Peter O'Connor of Performance Partners Ltd.
Peter has been involved with the DiSC(r) instrument and other personality instruments for almost 15 years, and DiSC(r) for over 10 years.

He has facilitated successfully with training programs and certifications during this time. You can contact you directly on +353-87-8337107.

Discover the Everything DiSC(r) range.

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