Everything DiSC® Sales

Understanding your DiSC® sales style

  • Discover your DiSC style, priorities, strengths, and challenges
  • Recognize and understand your customers’ buying styles
  • Learn to navigate from you to your customers
  • An introduction to the priorities that characterise each DiSC sales style & exploring the Everything DiSC Sales Profile to discover their own priorities, strengths, and challenges, and then discuss what they’ve learned with partners.

Practice what you’ve learned about your sales priorities

  • Reflect on how DiSC® can improve your sales interactions
  • Participants apply their knowledge of their DiSC styles and identify strengths and challenges to keep in mind as they learn to connect better with customers.

Recognising and understanding customer buying styles

  • Learn a process for placing customers on the Everything DiSC Sales Map
  • Practice the customer-mapping process
  • Participants list their customers’ expectations in sales interactions. They then identify their best and most challenging customers and rank the expectations for each. They learn how to identify the buying styles of customers.

Explore the priorities that drive each customer buying style

  • Map the buying styles of your customers
  • Participants learn to understand what drives each customer style. They discuss working with this type of customer. Finally, participants plot their own customers to complete their Everything DiSC Sales Maps.

Adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style

  • Explore how failing to adapt can interfere with the sales process
  • Discover how to adapt for better outcomes with customers
  • Participants share stories about times they were customers and experienced style mismatches with salespeople. Your facilitator will show style mismatches between customers and salespeople. After each segment, participants discuss how the salesperson could adapt his or her behaviors.

Practice adapting to a specific customer

  • Develop a plan to improve sales interactions with this customer
  • Participants write customer interaction plans and share them with partners for feedback and suggestions.

Post-training reinforcement

Everything disc® sales customer interaction map

  • Practice customer-mapping techniques
  • Explore strategies for adapting to actual customers

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