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Here’s a hard business truth: no workplace is free of the ravages of distrust.

Anyone who’s ever held a job knows the frustrations that emerge when coworkers don’t trust each other—the miscommunications, rivalries, inefficiencies, morale problems, and turnover that in the end distract people from their work and make life stressful. And ultimately, research shows, cost money.

Dr. Mark Scullard, a PhD psychologist has studied distrust in the workplace and found its source: individual insecurity. It’s not insecurity itself that’s the problem, though; it’s our drive to cover it up. In a new eBook, The Invisible Drain on Your Company’s Culture, Scullard traces the spread of dysfunctional behaviours at work to the secret self-doubts that beset each of us and outlines a solution.

Downloads 2Monica Moses, 3rd April 2019. Harvard Business Review

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You will learn about:

  • The drains on organisational culture and what’s behind them.

  • The steps we can take to significantly increase the level of trust in our cultures.

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