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The Digital Marketing Institute Lecture, Saturday 1st December, 2012.

DiSC & 4 Styles In Marketing.
Psychology & Content Communication.

Beyond Demographics!


The Saturday lecture is presented by Peter O’Connor, an experienced behavioural trainer and Managing Director of Performance Partners Ltd in Dublin. This is the 4th year of this lecture.


Peter will help you to understand the psychological expectations of the 4 Styles in Marketing & buying online.

This is an experiential session where you will be actively involved in applying psychology to your projects. It therefore requires you to take the DiSC personal profile online at least 24 hrs in advance of the session, so that you experience the maximum personal and net marketing benefits from the session, and so you can partake in the active learning.

DiSC is being used on Saturday as a model (grounded in behavioural sciences) to help you to identify behavioural styles when marketing on the Internet.

NOTE: Without taking the profile available for just Eur 27 at you will NOT gain the benefits from this learning.


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This session was last year ranked by students as one of the most beneficial and interesting session by some of our previous graduates. They experienced vey useful insights into their own perceptions and bias when marketing and selling to others. It helped inform their approaches to designing campaigns and really understanding their customer.

DiSC measures attributes or qualities of a person and aspects of his or her personality.

DiSC is an acronym for the four primary dimensions of behaviour and styles that we use at work and informs us of the psychological factors at play in our buying decisions.

Style 1 has an online Style all about control and speed, and personal benefits in a sales process. These people prefer sites of a certain form and structure.”

Style 2 has an online style and is more Spontaneous, intuitive and will take risks to buy, they prefer sites that are colourful & visual.

Style 3 has an online style that is more cautious to buy at first, but is potentially very loyal, but you’ll need to answer all their questions before they trust you. These prefer warm friendly style of newsletters.

Style 4 has an online Style that’s very cautious & risk averse. They like to have access to all the details and the evidence.

The internet is a great source for them to get information on their own terms and make their own decisions in their own time.”  

Using DiSC you will get to understand

  • Your own personal buying and communication preferences
  • The four distinct personality types buying on the Internet
  • Understand the attitudes of online buyers & reflect on their key styles
  • Consumer perceptions of marketing messages & your online PR
  • Within our ideal target market, there exists different personality types
  • Types of information/campaign strategies, considering the 4 styles
  • Adjusting online presentations, visuals, SEO & Keyword Analytics, Google Ad words, Facebook/Linked-In, Tweets, Display advertising, PR, email marketing & 'copy calls to action' in ways that help you connect with differing personalities
  • Learn about your own style and who you naturally connect with when selling online, when Blogging or in social media
  • This knowledge will increase customer conversions

As customers ARE active and engaged on the internet!

Your challenge is to engage with them & crucially…

  • Understand their online behaviour…..
  • The interaction levels they need from your site
  • The presentation and communication style they want
  • Their level of information need, and THE relevant content mediums that will engage them OR else get them to click away…

Success is dependent on your understanding of the person you are meeting and the content media through which you are meeting and engaging them

In order for you to truly benefit from the full day workshop this Saturday, you need to take the DiSC Personal profile in advance. It will really challenge you to more deeply understand the psychological factors at play, when you build online campaigns.

Take DiSC in advance


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