Building A Customer Focused Culture. Building Service From The Inside Out.

Good marketing, a strong reputation, and a quality product are all factors that attract new business. But a customer service culture makes the difference between whether the new customer sticks with you or goes to your competitors instead.

Most customer service training emphasizes purely skills and behaviours. These are important. But delivering the best possible customer service – keeping your client retention high – requires more than basic training, it requires “cultural change”.

This process starts with a workshop on customer focused culture, but it allows for the material to be taken internally for you, over a 3 month period for you to bring about culture changes, in customer service attitudes, behaviours and processes.

Outcomes include:

  • Gain insights into a process that can change your business culture toward total service.
  • Understanding how to build passion & trust from the inside out, so customers will become your advocates.
  • Be facilitated through a process that works, which we help you to build in-house champions of.


DiSC Customer Service With “Style” In Call Centres.

DiSC is a great model for call centre staff to experience, helping them to understand customer needs, and how to interact with customers by phone. This is a One day Customer Service Essentials, with recommended follow-up sustainability workshop.

Different people have differing expectations for how they want to be dealt with. Learn about the four main sets of psychological needs, motivation and expectations of customers you deal with on the phone.

Along with DiSC, we outline how to build and sustain trust with people who you deal with, and how to influence people.

DiSC offers service people a phased and process oriented approach for Planning, Initiating, Interacting, Responding to concerns, Gaining a shared commitment & Service follow through.

Outcomes include:

  • Understand how DiSC® is applied to customer service interactions.
  • Build people’s confidence, attitudes and resilience when dealing with people over the phone.
  • A set of practical tools that they can use on a day to day basis.