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Imagine what your business would be like if every customer was not only loyal to you, but they also raved about your business to friends and family, insisting they should do business with you as well? Customers become loyal like this when they believe that they are getting great value.

It is the employees in your organisation – the people who produce the products and provide the services – who determine the value that your customers experience, and how loyal they will become.

The five-module The Customer-Focused Culture program is designed to help companies develop employees' skills to build stronger trust relationships with one another and in turn build stronger trust relationships with customers. This approch gives you the power to build a sustainable customr focused culture.

Is it time to really drill down and find out how :

  • engaged your people are in your business, how they perceive their own job, how passionate they are for what your busuines does.
  • your people 'buy into' your vision for how customers should be treated and what the core behaviours of real service are?
  • service level agreements with customers that need to be met and exceeded?
  • much trust do your people have in their leaders.
  • how aligned your managers are with the vision for the business.

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Details on Building Leadership & Trust Surveys