Creating An Engaged Environment & Building Wellness in Your Organisation

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Creating An Engaged Environment & Building Wellness in Your Organisation

As work is more stressful, and people are struggling with more roles, and more responsibility than ever outside work, it is becoming increasingly important that the world of work can become a place where people feel they are valued, by virtue of the environment that is created, to support them in good work.

Below is a list of things to consider that can help in this regard.


1. Enhance Perception & Behaviours in Leaders.

Have you a leadership development or talent management programme in operation? Are your leaders supported with the competencies and skills to treat people well, and to show they actually care?

2. Manage An Aging Healthy Group Employee for Performance.

Promoting longevity & reducing burnout are worthwhile considerations for you. The lifetime value of a healthy contributing employee far outweighs the cost of putting in a supportive programme, to ensure they remain well on the job. We’re all getting a little bit older, and your workforce will get older faster than you realise.

3. Increase "People Involvement in Change".

Do people feel involved in decisions?; do they get to contribute to the creative process for new ideas generation?; People want to feel they contributed. Are you able to help them do so?

4. Bring About A Customer Focused Culture through Aligned Teamwork.

It’s rare that people go into work and think about the customer. But at the end of the day, they pay our wages, and they should be at the top of the pyramid. Quite often, it is boss-watching and conflict with peers that can take precedence. There is a lot that can be done to develop a customer focused culture. More than you realise. We would like to share that process with you sometime, so you can turn that pyramid on it's head.

5. Identify & Retain High Potential Talent.

Do everything you can to keep your best people, plain and simple!

6. Develop Clarity & Buy In To Vision, Values & Goals.

Have you ever done a bit of the Team Chartering stuff? If you are a directing sort of a boss, probably not. You are the expert, you tell people what to do, so they aren’t really brought in, because it’s your agenda. It takes courage to have broad shoulders and to implement a process where real buy in occurs. It can be done, and there are simple and low cost things you can do, to get your people together and give them a say. Make them your invested business partners rather than you compliant workers.

7. Reduce "Energy Draining Conflicts".

Take time out as a team, to understand each other. You do want healthy conflict about ideas and about what you are trying to achieve. You don’t want the personality drains! You have to nip this in the bud.

8. Creating More "Flexible Managers".

Have you a performance management system? Is it a tick the box exercise? It doesn’t have to be, if you have the managers who will have those important one on one conversations with people, to see what they need, to see how they are getting on, and to build trust. Without help, managers aren’t so flexible. Help them to become good people leaders, who can direct and support people in their target achievement. People don’t leave Flexible managers so often.

9. Support "wellness at work".

Do you have a wellness programme? Do you show you care about your people and their wellbeing? There are many simple ways to get this engagement from your people.

Above are just some of the things to consider when creating an engaged and healthy business. As you can see, there’s lots you can do, and much to think about.



Peter O’Connor is the MD of Performance Partners Ltd, a Management, Leadership, Sales and Personal Development Facilitator & Trainer, based in Ireland, who works internationally. 
Peter can be contacted peter(at) or on 353-1-2402255.

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