Communications & Consistency (Team Relationships & Trust)

//Communications & Consistency (Team Relationships & Trust)

Communications & Consistency (Team Relationships & Trust)

Build team trust, relationships & sustain excellence!


Building trust and strong relationships both internally (peer to peer) and with your own customers, your key external influencers and stakeholders, is something that requires focus,  behavioural skills and flexibility.

‘Adapting for success’ and understanding the key values and attributes of building trust, through a sustained communications and consistency agenda, is a key team skillset, one that will allow your business team to stay on track to results and grow to the next level.

In order to sustain progress toward it’s outcomes, there needs to be a careful balance of focus within your team between the communications and consistency agendas (delivering on commitments & ensuring qualities of excellence).

These needs are felt by your customers and are indicative of the different people’s needs that individuals have. Peter has worked with many organisations that had struggled to get that balance right (both communications and consistency in equal measure). Therefore their team results or the work environment suffers, they lose key performers, have some disengagement or they fail to reach their goals in the timescale expected.

Peter can help you diagnose and deepen the understanding of any communications, trust, or ‘striving for excellence’ issues, but we can also help you as a leader or your team close these gaps.

Find out more about how Peter helps and facilitate you and your people to build more trust, “productive” conflict, better communications and to foster even better relationships,
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