We offer executive, strategic and performance oriented one-to-one coaching as a stand-alone service, but also use it as a way to sustain behavioural change from learning programs.

For instance within priority and time management development we offer support sessions to help people to implement changes in the way that they work behaviourally.

“Coaching helps to draw out the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enables them to use them to the best of their ability”. (Wikipedia)

We are also interested in coaching that sustains a persons wellness toward being a great authentic leader. That may also mean with certain people, that we engage at the level of wellness. Our coaching service and values embrace this more wholesome approach to developing the person, whether they are an “executive”, as we want them to uncover their own full potential, to get the best from themself and others, which isn’t always possible if they are not above a certain health minimum. As all coaching is confidential, this “may” be part of the coaching focus, should the client request.

So, coaching facilitates change in the person, their team and the business. What changes can coaching helped to make within your organisation?

  • Build leadership capacity
  • Develop management and retain talent
  • Team Alignment
  • Create Innovative High Peforming Teams
  • More adaptable & engaged in change
  • Build self-awareness and resilience in your employees.
  • Bridge the gap between what is asked of your employees and what they have been trained to do.
  • Ensure that training and learning is implemented.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Give employees an outside, neutral and new perspective on internal problems.
  • Facilitate sustained and lasting change.
  • Challenge thinking, beliefs and assumptions.
  • Deal effectively with conflict.

A NEW Leadership Coaching Process

Leadership requires a flexible attitude, mental agility, and behavioural adaptability. In times of constant change, these are essential skills for leaders of every organization.

Our leadership coaching process, based on the Leadership Development Process focuses on five leadership skills that are needed to develop innovative, high performing teams that adapt quickly and effectively to change.