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Your Team’s Vision

Where is your team heading with the next change? Peter's facilitated team sessions have helped many B2B teams! Like all teams, you’re focused on getting to where you go next, that next level growth. Addressing current issues, getting more buy-in, alignment and commitment to the team’s vision, one that your peers are clear about and [...]

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Build Team Alignment & Cohesiveness

Drive for results through building "cohesive" B2B teams. Peter has brought clarity & alignment & trust into many B2B teams. You know it’s important to be clear where your team is heading, what results you and the team are driving for, and the outcomes of all those hard efforts from you and your people.Will you [...]

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Communications & Consistency (Team Relationships & Trust)

Build team trust, relationships & sustain excellence! Building trust and strong relationships both internally (peer to peer) and with your own customers, your key external influencers and stakeholders, is something that requires focus,  behavioural skills and flexibility. 'Adapting for success' and understanding the key values and attributes of building trust, through a sustained communications and consistency [...]

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Purpose Driven Results & Outcomes

Team workshops are all about “team learning with a business purpose" As a facilitator, coach and consultant, Peter will help you with implementation and new or 'renewed' learning, an understanding and applied learning (with business focus), that has a very clear business purpose, and which facilitates a smoother path to the outcomes that you desire. Through [...]

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