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What’s Your Team Building Challenge?

• Does the team need to create, or buy into, a new direction?
• Are your Operations, Accounts and Sales departments working as a team?
• Is conflict destructive within the team, rather than productive?
• Do you have a new team that needs to hit the ground running?
• Is the team breaking into silos and becoming dysfunctional?

An excellent team building workshop that uses our profiles is the Band In A Day team building workshop for corporate teams. Through the use of behavioural profiling tools activities and challenging discussions, we create awareness and appreciation of individual strengths to enable greater team performance immediately. Through the Team Alignment Survey, we can measure the level of alignment and trust across the team members.

Below are some of the areas where we can help your leaders:

  • Gaining Buy-In

  • Communication

  • Managing Remote Teams

  • Collaboration

  • Appreciating Difference

  • Team Dynamics

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